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3mm x 30mm Dowel Nylon 6/6  (1.0 Grams)- (10) Pack - PN 708744108593
3mm x 30mm Dowel Nylon 6/6  (1.0 Grams)- (10) Pack - PN 708744108593
3mm x 30mm Dowel Nylon 6/6  (1.0 Grams)- (10) Pack - PN 708744108593
3mm x 30mm Dowel Nylon 6/6  (1.0 Grams)- (10) Pack - PN 708744108593

3mm x 30mm Dowel Nylon 6/6 (1.0 Grams)- (10) Pack - PN 708744108593

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Product Description:  3mm Diameter x 30mm Nylon 6/6 Dowel - (10) Pack for Composite Connector Use the Composite Connector Drill Fixture.  

Materials: Our 3D Printer Farm is cranking out product and custom parts using the MarkForged technology.  Two (2) heads weave fiber inside of a nylon 6/6 chopped carbon fiber composite.  It's strong stuff!

Download Into Fusion 360:  

  • Includes; material properties, weights, etc.
  • Install the Overnight Composites app from the AutoDesk Fusion360 App Store.
  • Then click on the button below to download a CAD 3D model of this part into your design.


        3D Viewer: 

        We provide most 3D formats including; Fusion360, Inventor, IGES, SAT, STEP, DWG, DXF, STL, FBX, SKETCHUP & OBJ.  Measure, Download & Get Everything for your next design.

        Design Features:

        • Transfers 160PSI Internal Pressures Used to Move Air/Fluids Internally
        • Works with 10mm 3K Weave Carbon Fiber Tubing - Slip fit with injection glue joint
        • High Strength, Waterproof, Good UV Stability
        • Easy to Assemble – Works with 3K Weave Tube
        • Download Fusion360 CAD Models to get material weights and property strengths.

        Intended Use:

        Drones & Drone Accessories Backpacking Gear Off Road 4x4’s ATVs’ Boats, Motorcycles, Boating Airplanes, Skiing & Snowboarding, Windsurfers, Fishing Gear, Robots, Mountain Bikes, Hunting Equipment, Office Furniture, Medical Assistance Equipment, Architectural, Scuba Diving Submersibles, Home Repairs, Factory Automation, Motor Cross, Kites, Balloons

        Material Type:  

        Carbon Fiber/Nylon with  50% fill inner core.  We build all connectors with a lattice interweave design.  Our 3K weave carbon fiber tube is manufactured with a high gloss finish.  

        Bonding Guidelines: 

        Sand 3K Carbon Fiber Tube then use alcohol or acetone to clean both surfaces.  Inject JB Weld 2-part Quickset 5 Minute Plastic Epoxy into glue ports using a static mixing tube.  Use our static mixing tube and adapter kit P/N: 708744108562 to insure that glue is properly mixed.  Wipe all surfaces once glue has been installed into the glue trap.  Click on the instructions below to download a set of printed bonding instructions. Download assembly and installation instructions along with product strength ratings at 

          Other Attributes: 

          Color is Black, Ultra Light Weight, Internal Honeycomb Structure, Glue Injection Feature, PAT. PEND.

          Brand Name: Composite Connectors


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