Composites Ship Fast At A Great Price!


We wanted to take a moment to explain our shipping policy, pricing here.   With an understanding that our composite product line was developed to be ultra lightweight, we can put the throttle down on getting your parts to you next day at a great price.   We love the USPS because the price is lowest for a 2-3 day delivery.            


  1. Items on the store are available to ship that afternoon.  
  2. Custom Parts generally ship within 24 hours of order.
  3. Orders over $25.00 USD get free 2-3 day shipping.
  4. Standard Freight is USPO 3 Day.
  5. We have bulk costing from USPS, FedEx, & UPS and pass those saving on to you.
  6. We ship international.  Parts are lightweight so rates are pretty awesome
  7. FOB - Colorado USA to Anywhere in the Continental USA is the same rate.
  8. International with the USPS is 5 days
  9. International with UPS, FedX or DHL is generally 3 days.

DOMESTIC RATE EXAMPLE: The sample kit that is fabricated here at our shop up in the mountains of Colorado weighs in under 110 Grams.  Delivery price/speed is scaled  from $2.66 at 3 days to $38.66 for next day. 


The lowest rates change once we go above 110 Grams or 1/4 of a LBS.  Keep in mind that the lowest cost and longest delivery does not require a signature.  We are seeing the best value with the USPS for both Domestic and International shipping rates.  


The same package shipping to New Zealand starts $13.06.  We have followed up with our customers to find that the USPS is arriving in 5 days or less.   The shipping baseline below describes how we explored the max weight in the package being 220 grams before the rates jumped to the next pice of ~$23.00 USD.