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We develop manufacturing processes to build electro mechanical products.  The Product Launch Company development team is led by veteran manufacturing professional Pat Conarro - 54.  Pat can be found out on the shop floor programming CNC machines and robots to make something great, or wiring up control electrical panels.  We are easy to work with and love new ideas.   

Background: With $2.8M is annual sales, coupled to 13 patents in the field of robotics alignment, Conarro and his team placed electro mechanical systems in most chip FABS around the world under the MicroTool brand.  We became the gold standard at Intel teaching robots how to do their job.  In 2001 Conarro sold MicroTool, his semiconductor startup to (BRKS:NASDAQ) 

"We love to help companies bring great ideas to the world."

Our company is multi disciplinarian technologists with that entrepreneurial twist that help you think through most aspects of product development.    Before we start the build, we love to build a great spec.  Here is a check list to help you get organized and launch your next BIG idea.  We believe everyone's input is important in building the best possible product and have developed ways to manage multi disciplines needed to get today's technology out the door.   Let's get organized and your project out of research and into production.

Once we see your vision, we can start putting together manufacturing strategies with open book costing, timelines and deliverables to get your product out of the hands of the researchers and into the retail channels. Pats' team delivers new products daily using state of the art cloud based engineering and management tools.  Our vendors are vetted and proven to deliver on time and at a great price. 

Below are an examples of projects we developed and commissioned into production.  

IoT Robotic IntegrationIoT Robot Communications

MicroTool was Pats' Startup from 1997-2001:  (ABOVE)  We designed and deploying these blue boxes around the world before anyone was talking IoT. We  became the gold standard at Intel for auditing robot movements.  Our technology is used at most FABS across planet earth.   Robots drift from their best known practices, while servo motors need the jitters tuned out.  We deployed these technologies and supporting calibration methods throughout Europe, SE Asia and North America in a matter of 72 months.   Intel set these technology standard using "Copy Exactly" method.  We executed under these product launch methodologies.   

The Ultimate - IoT Fueling System

Fuelloc is a recent IoT Example:  (ABOVE) We took a great idea and made it better.  Our customer Diesel Direct had a challenge.  They needed to go nation wide with their fueling and delivery acquisitions while maintaining excellence in their billing and invoicing.  We came in and write their technology roadmap, then picked out electronics, vendors, and got it built. 


At the end of the day, we were writing purchase orders and setting up their internal control system, animations along with brand assurance.  The idea of hacking into hundreds of fuel pumps using 5 wires involved customizable algorithms and electronics.  Today Diesel Direct has been taking the market by storm with a business model of growth through acquisitions. Check out Fuelloc here.

Custom Electronics

Industrial Controls With Tablet Controls

We know Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Pneumatics & Hydraulic Controls

Industrial Controls: (ABOVE)  We have taken our customers from high voltage industrial controls that manage large pumps to a handheld tablet that adjust polymer blends, counts raw materials consumed.  Adjusts temperatures. The directional boring equipment used to push and pull these devices forwards and reverse had a cruze control on the boring side.  That kept a consistent gallons/feet coating flowing forward.  

IoT Tablet GUI & Controls

Below are controls used to set the batch formula needed to apply a specified coating thickness at a known speed.  The spray apparatus we developed was branded for Wagner.   These controls controlled the gun.

IoT System Controls:  (ABOVE) We take great pleasure in putting a little sex appeal in our controls.  Operating anything needs to be a happy thoughtful experience to keep everyone at ease and in control.  We work in Adobe Creative Cloud that provides us with a wonderful foundation for rigging up your next big technology push.  Give us a try, you might love what we have come up with when trying to find your logical way home.  Learn more here. 

Stylizing Industrial Design

Stylized Hand Sprayer:  (ABOVE) When it comes time to put some ergonomics into your product design, we are finding industrial products don't have to be ugly.  We tool a plural component spray gun and started from scratch.  The existing solution on the market was hard to clean up. We drove the spec at to develop a gun that is fast to break down and clean, has internal purging solutions along with a method of changing out spray tips where small parts are not lost.  Intel taught us how to find human error.  We carry those best known practices through into everything we do.   Learn More Here.

Work Cell Designs:  (ABOVE)  Pats' shop nickname was "Gizmo Guy".  Here is a rotary table we designed for ThermoTech.  The assembly system took screws fed from a vibrator bowl and inserted them into a station that had 2 operators working a rotary table.   The rotary table had air and electrical sensors running through modified slip rings.   The equipment was chartered to build and test +20M assemblies for a small engine part at Briggs & Stratton.  Learn More Here.

We build toys 

Packaging:  (ABOVE) We do packaging design that helps you comply with your brand assurance requirements. Our delivery solution starts with a great spec that calls out value propositions, product descriptors, assembly instructions, photo realistic renderings, and URL redirects.  That all works its' way in to a physical mockup.  


I-Guy: (ABOVE) Back somewhere along the way, I-Guy came through our shop.   Small cameras were emerging into the market.  I Guy was charted to take I-Guy from a video conference mode to camera hat plugs into your favorite vehicle.  We had those drive controls blending with an ergonomic shape.   Fun stuff.

Medical: In the mid 90's Physio Control's Lifepack 8,9,10 were shut down by the FDA.  We had to bring the product into compliance.  After mountains of DOE statistical Plan & Protocols and Reports were submitted back the Washington, we got the lines up and running.  510K submittal under GMP is not a task to take lightly.   Medical and aerospace have those paperwork trails that need to be automated early on.  We put these products through extensive Iron Man Testing,  including trying to bring ham sandwich at lunch back to life with a e thousand volts.   


Octopuz is one of the best Canadian robotic programming tools on the market.  Flexible, fast, easily configurable to connect I/O on CNC machines, conveyors, cameras, and multi axis bots.  Lets program your line, then get everyone at the shop trained in these super cool tools.

Decorate, Inspect Station

Silicone Thin Wall Molded Parts  

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