10mm Round Pressure Plug Composite Connector (5-Pack) (.8 Gram)  PN 708744108470 - Overnight Composites
10mm Round Pressure Plug Composite Connector (5-Pack) (.8 Gram)  PN 708744108470 - Overnight Composites

10mm Round Pressure Plug Composite Connector (5-Pack) (.8 Gram) PN 708744108470

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Product Description:  10mm Round Pressure Plug Composite Connector used to terminate  10mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tube in order to make the system pressure tight.  This plug is used to plug the end of 10mm x 8mm ID tubing.  Use JB Weld to secure.  Wipe glue on the inside of the pipe and the plug to insure the highest strength.

Materials: Our 3D Printer Farm is cranking out product and custom parts using the MarkForged technology.  2 heads weave fiber inside of a nylon 6/6 chopped carbon fiber composite.  It's strong stuff.

Download Into Fusion 360:

  • Includes; material properties, weights, etc.
  • Install the Overnight Composites app from the AutoDesk Fusion360 App Store.
  • Then click on the button below to download a CAD 3D model of this part into your design.


    3D Viewer:

    We provide most 3D formats including; Fusion360, Inventor, IGES, SAT, STEP, DWG, DXF, STL, FBX, SKETCHUP & OBJ.  Measure, Download & Get Everything for your next design.

    Design Features:

    • Transfers 160PSI Internal Pressures Used to Move Air/Fluids Internally
    • Works with 10mm 3K Weave Carbon Fiber Tubing - Slip fit with injection glue joint
    • High Strength, Waterproof, Good UV Stability
    • Easy to Assemble – Works with 3K Weave Tube
    • Download Fusion360 CAD Models to get material weights and property strengths.

    Intended Use:

    Drones & Drone Accessories Backpacking Gear Off Road 4x4’s ATVs’ Boats, Motorcycles, Boating Airplanes, Skiing & Snowboarding, Windsurfers, Fishing Gear, Robots, Mountain Bikes, Hunting Equipment, Office Furniture, Medical Assistance Equipment, Architectural, Scuba Diving Submersibles, Home Repairs, Factory Automation, Motor Cross, Kites, Balloons

    Material Type:  

    Carbon Fiber/Nylon with  50% fill inner core.  We build all connectors with a lattice interweave design.  Our 3K weave carbon fiber tube is manufactured with a high gloss finish.  

    Bonding Guidelines: 

    Sand 3K Carbon Fiber Tube then use alcohol or acetone to clean both surfaces.  Inject JB Weld 2-part Quickset 5 Minute Plastic Epoxy into glue ports using a static mixing tube.  Use our static mixing tube and adapter kit P/N: 708744108562 to insure that glue is properly mixed.  Wipe all surfaces once glue has been installed into the glue trap.  Click on the instructions below to download a set of printed bonding instructions. Download assembly and installation instructions along with product strength ratings at www.overnightcomposites.com 

      Other Attributes: 

      Color is Black, Ultra Light Weight, Internal Honeycomb Structure, Glue Injection Feature, PAT. PEND.

      Brand Name: Composite Connectors


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      PAT. PEND – Made in USA


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