Engineers Needed - Autonomous Open Source Wheelchair Complete - Robotic Arm Next

Hey Fusion360 Developers!!!! Help us design this most awesome project for the handicapped community. It's an open source carbon fiber wheelchair robot. Corporate sponsors, pitch in with parts and labor and we will get your name out. Below is his Stephen's story. All of us at The Product Launch are proud to be part of this amazing story.

Hi all,

It's exciting to see this project taking shape. For those who are new to this project, I will give you an introduction of why I hacked my power-wheelchair.

I specialize in information security and software engineering. As such, I like to work on interesting problems that improve my life and as well as others that may not be able to fix themselves. One such interesting problem that I worked on is making my power-wheelchair semi autonomous. This little project seemed insignificant at the time, but it turned out to have far-reaching possibilities in technology and for my career.

I am unable to talk verbally so I use a laptop to communicate with people. This is fine for the most part, but I cannot drive my chair and talk at the same time. I needed a way to make my chair self drive to allow me to talk my friends while we are moving. I looked into how I could make my chair be controlled by other devices and software. I thought that it would be nice if my chair can follow my friends using their phones. I finally figured out the chair's protocol so I can do anything on the chair. Now, I just need to get some funds to do some research implementing the algorithms and better prototypes of the self driving software. I'm still working on this, but in the mean time I am also designing a chair arm with Pat.