Drag, Drop & Shop Composites in Fusion360. "Your life just got easier and stronger!"

Someone had to do it! We wanted a user experience that was simple, easy to use, and scaleable and of course AWESOME. Monday Autodesk approve our App and we are very excited to share what we have done over the past few months. Ok, it's' time for a vacation because you don't have to find all those parts in your assembly, then go to the vendor, reenter it all, then place the order. We call the technology Drag, Drop & Shop technology. Here is a link to the app up on the Autodesk Fusion360 App Store.

It was our intention to provide an open source composite line that removes custom machining and lets the designer focus on creating not sourcing. For those that are new to composite connectors, we have a number of Mark Forged composite 3D printers cranking out all kinds of shapes. www.overnightcomposites.com

Oh, and as always, we are up for the challenge to help your company integrate these super cool tools into your product line that you want to sell up in the cloud in Fusion360. Below is a great way to learn more on our YouTube channel.

Watch and Learn how it all works