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Fusion360 Integration

Make It Strong & Ultra Lightweight!

Ants can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than their own body weight.

" Why Can't Your Super Structure?"

Bird Wings Are Hollow

Why Are Your Structures Not Ultra-Lightweight?

Epoxy Just Got Stronger!

" Why are you not using nanotubes in your bonds? "


I am pleased to recommend Pat Conarro and his team at The Product Launch Company. Pat was referred to us by AutoDesk to help design our FUELLOC system. Conarro helped us for 16 months starting with shaping the technology roadmap to finding vendors to help with various parts of the project that include; electrical, mechanical, compliance, IoT User Interface and more. 

Timothy Callow/Diesel Direct CTO

Pats' company designed and built a batch of prototypes for my startup here in Silicon Valley. Pat is one of the most creative engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. He and his team are not just professional and easy to work with, but they made some stylized prototypes for us on time and on budget.

Fred HauBensak CTO Trype

Connie S.Verified Buyer10/25/17Composite Connectors carbon fiber done right!!!Top notch quality and stand alone service from these folks and that's not to mention prices that beat the competitors buy almost 1/2 !!! Hands down , the ONLY place to buy your carbon fiber .

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